Rediscover the Joy of Practicing Medicine

Rediscover the Joy of Practicing Medicine

Our goal is to help you provide the highest quality of patient care while optimizing the business aspects of physician practices. Our health information technology (HIT) experts, including physicians, are actively involved with and provide leadership for efforts related to patient safety, patient privacy, Meaningful Use, health information exchange, coding, regulatory compliance and other initiatives that will impact your practice.  We provide the tools, education, and guidance that will allow you to once again focus on patient care while attaining fair compensation for your efforts.  Since 1996 we've developed and refined software designed to help physicians rediscover the joy of practicing medicine.


Managed by experienced, certified healthcare professionals and proven IT industry leaders

We have successfully leveraged our experience in medicine and information technology to build a team of medical and IT professionals committed to delivering the clinical and financial tools doctors need. This core of professionals and experts function as the heart and soul of product development, design concepts, communicating experience and information processing.

With the diligence and commitment of our e-MDs team, we have developed tools that help physicians rediscover the joy of practicing medicine, provide quality patient care and maximize revenue generation.


Guided by our clients

We provide many ways for our clients to give us feedback to improve existing functionality and operations, and to add enhancements that really matter.  Our Customer Advisory Council is a mix of recognized industry leaders who are also “work in the trenches.”  We encourage dialogue and exchange of ideas between physicians, practice staff and the e-MDs team on our user forums.  Perhaps this is why we get all those awards…
e-MDs Customer Champions

e-MDs Customer Champions


Real world design and development

Our software was originally designed by physicians and written by developers housed in a medical practice.  While we are no longer located in that original location, the close relationship between real clinicians and users, and our development teams remains integral to how we design our software. Real-world practices constantly help us test and evaluate our products and are crucial in helping us understand the intricacies of managing a practice.  Simply stated: our EHR and practice management tools address the functional needs of physicians and practices and provide solutions that enhance office productivity, clinical work-flow and revenue generation.


A 16 year tradition of sales growth based upon client referrals

e-MDs is humbled by the fact that most of our business comes as a result of referrals from our clients.  We have a consistent track record of sales growth that is a testament to our zealous focus on building the finest integrated EHR/practice management system, and offering it at a reasonable price.

e-MDs continues to invest heavily in research & development to ensure our clients have powerful EHR technology, suitable for both small and enterprise practices. Our growth and customer loyalty are testaments to our guarantee to remain innovative thought leaders in providing quality products and services.


Cloud-based or on-premise deployment options

Our system is truly flexible and can be hosted by e-MDs, your IT department, or on-site. Whichever method you choose, you always own the data no matter where it is stored.  As a physician-run company, we know you need this protection.  We also offer license or subscription-based pricing models to suit your finances with long term models that help you reduce total cost of ownership.

Flexibility accommodates enterprise organizations, small practices, and multiple specialties

e-MDs truly understands the unique workflows and nuances of EHRs and Practice Management in organizations of different types and sizes.  e-MDs is deployed across large and small enterprises including owned or affiliated physicians with hospitals of different sizes and types, including critical access (CAH). We also have clients and references representing nearly every medical specialty.  The system has proven to be highly adaptable to multiple clinical settings.  Customization of clinical content is unparalleled and nearly every customer is able to do this themselves without incurring hefty vendor charges.  Industry-leading interfacing capabilities also mean we can enhance your community information strategy.  Our practice management system is also used by multiple MSO and billing service organizations to optimize their revenue cycle; and if you are keeping your existing administrative system, we can interface e-MDs Chart EHR with it too.