Our Memberships and Affiliations

Our Memberships and Affiliations

e-MDs is committed to and actively contributes to organizations that ensure the healthcare software industry progresses in a way that meets our goal of improving healthcare without overburdening physician practices and groups. e-MDs is proud to be members of valued medical and technological institutions working to create the best environment for physicians and medical offices, and also has affiliations and endorsements with other organizations. If you are interested in discussing membership opportunities with e-MDs, please contact us. We look forward to working with you.


Memberships and Affiliations

ASTM International

ASTM International , formerly known as the American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) plays a leadership role in addressing the standardization needs of the global marketplace. Known for its best in class practices for standards development and delivery, ASTM is at the forefront in the use of innovative technology to help its members do standards development work, while also increasing the accessibility of ASTM International standards to the world. e-MDs is a voting member of the ASTM Committee E31 on Healthcare Informatics, which develops standards related to the architecture, content, storage, security, confidentiality, functionality, and communication of information used within healthcare and healthcare decision making, including patient-specific information and knowledge. Our particular interest is the E31.28 Continuity of Care Record (CCR).

EHRVA Member

HIMSS Electronic Health Record Vendors Association is a trade association of Electronic Health Record (EHR) vendors that addresses national efforts to create interoperable EHRs in hospital and ambulatory care settings. HIMSS EHRVA operates on the premise that the rapid, widespread adoption of EHRs will help improve the quality of patient care and the productivity of the healthcare system. The primary mission of the association is to provide a forum for the EHR vendor community relative to standards development, the EHR certification process, interoperability, performance and quality measures, and other EHR issues that may become the subject of increasing government, insurance and physician association initiatives and requests.


Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) is the healthcare industry's membership organization exclusively focused on providing leadership for the optimal use of healthcare information technology and management systems for the betterment of human health. HIMSS frames and leads healthcare public policy and industry practices through its advocacy, educational and professional development initiatives designed to promote information and management systems' contributions to ensuring quality patient care.

HL7 Member

Health Level Seven (HL7) is one of several American National Standards Institute (ANSI) -accredited Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs) operating in the healthcare arena. Health Level Seven's domain is clinical and administrative data. Their mission is to provide standards for the exchange, management and integration of data that support clinical patient care and the management, delivery and evaluation of healthcare services. Specifically, to create flexible, cost effective approaches, standards, guidelines, methodologies, and related services for interoperability between healthcare information systems.

MGMA Corporate Affiliate

MGMA-ACMPE is the premier association for professional administrators and leaders of medical group practices. In 2011, members of the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), and its standard-setting division, the American College of Medical Practice Executives (ACMPE) voted to merge to form a new association. Since 1926, the association has delivered networking, professional education and resources, political advocacy and certification for medical practice professionals. The Association represents 22,500 members who lead 13,200 organizations nationwide in which some 280,000 physicians provide more than 40 percent of the healthcare services delivered in the United States.


The National Council for Prescription Drug Programs (NCPDP) creates and promotes standards for the transfer of data to and from the pharmacy services sector of the healthcare industry. The organization provides a forum and support wherein our diverse membership can efficiently and effectively develop and maintain these standards through a consensus building process.


Medical Association Affiliations

OSMA AffiliationThe Ohio State Medical Association The OSMA launched a program designed to help member practices during the multi-step EMR adoption process. The Standards of Excellence program, a collaboration of the OSMA and The Coker Group, recognizes EMR vendors that voluntarily agree to amend their contracts with OSMA member practices to include an approved list of terms and conditions that will help guarantee that physician rights are protected in the contracting process.

Maine Medical Association

The Maine Medical Association works to unite and support the physicians of Maine in promoting the health of Maine's citizens, protect and promote the quality of Medicine, and support the physicians' function as advocates of their patients.

Texas Medical Association

The Texas Medical Association is the largest state medical society in the nation, representing more than 39,500 physician and medical student members. It is located in Austin and has 120 component county medical societies around the state. TMA's key objective since 1853 is to improve the health of all Texans.

Medical Society Virginia

The Medical Society of Virginia, also known as the MSV, is a professional association of more than 8,700 Virginia physicians. Originally founded in December 1820, and incorporated in 1824, this organization is the only association representing all medical doctors and doctors of osteopathy, regardless of specialty or type of practice setting in Virginia.