Benefits of Cloud-Based Systems for Physician Practices

Cloud-based RCM partnerThere is a reason everyone in healthcare is talking about the “cloud.”  Because for most practices, it is a much more efficient, cost effective way to set up your practice infrastructure and ensure that your practice always has access to the latest technology.  Here’s why many practices should consider cloud computing such as a cloud-based EHR, instead of old school client-server models when making the move to a modern revenue cycle system:

  • Predictable monthly costs.
  • No upfront costs like software licenses as in client-server installation. You may “own” your client-server applications after 10 years or so but total cost of annual ownership has to factor in maintenance fees, software upgrades, license renewals, costs to maintain and keep hardware current and cost to support an IT infrastructure. What value is it to your practice to “own” an outdated system on old hardware when you can have access to the latest technology on state-of-the-art systems?
  • No more vicious cycle of paying for software upgrades that also require additional investment in new hardware.
  • Easier upgrades. Upgrades and updates to client-server applications can be complicated and expensive. Cloud-based systems are much easier to upgrade as there is a single-instance version of the software in the vendor’s data centers. Updates are easy and often transparent to users. No more disks or support people having to “dial in” to your onsite servers.
  • Better client support as there is one version of the software deployed in all customers.
  • Tighter security as vendors are responsible for making the significant investments required in state-of-the-art security technology.
  • Ability to access data and applications from multiple sites and devices without cludgy VPN interfaces.
  • No expensive in-house hardware, software or servers, so you don’t have to worry about IT maintenance issues. Imagine not having to worry about all the blinking lights in that closet by the bathroom with all those servers! Imagine not having to track down your local IT support when something goes wrong!
  • A cloud-based vendor may make it easier to meet Meaningful Use and ICD-10 requirements through better tracking, reporting, and connectivity.
  • Cloud-based systems may make it easier for your practice to consistently meet privacy regulations because industry experts, who manage data security for a living, are in charge of securing your data and controlling access.
  • Ability to customize on the cloud offers can’t be beat – systems like Practice 1st by MDeverywhere that offers user’s significant customization - from My List coding favorites to color coding schedules.

Most practices today cannot afford to be an outdated technology on old servers stored in a closet and supported by a local resource. To stay viable in today’s evolving market - practices need access to the latest technology on state-of-the-art hardware that ensures access, security and reliability.