CMS released a proposed rule outlining its Physician Fee Schedule for calendar year 2015, which includes several health IT initiatives, FierceHealthIT reports.

Among other things, the 608-page proposed rule includes changes to:

Bundled PaymentsBundled payment initiatives to date have had different approaches to pricing.


By Christine Kern, contributing writer

As Health IT Outcomes previously reported, several states are launching accountable care initiatives that mirror experiments underway with Medicare and private insurers – but vary significantly in their approaches – in and attempt to keep Medicaid costs down.

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Bundled PaymentsAlthough people tend to think about bundled payments at the highest level - payment for a complete package of care for a particular condition - there are a variety of potential forms and nuances to payment mechanisms.

Bundled PaymentsBundled payments is - in essence - the transition from paying providers for discrete activities (a test, a visit, a surgery) toward one that ties payments to treatment of entire episodes of care (a pregnancy, a total hip replacement, diabetes care) and incorporates the concept of outcomes.

Cloud-based RCM partnerThere is a reason everyone in healthcare is talking about the “cloud.”  Because for most practices, it is a much more efficient, cost effective way to set up your practice infrastructure and ensure that your practice always has access to the latest technology.

Private Healthcare ExchangesA great deal of focus has been placed recently on the public healthcare exchanges - federal and state - created as part of the Accountable Care Act (ACA).

CMSThe Value-Based Payment Modifier is a CMS-imposed qualifier that provides a differential payment to a physician or group of physicians under the Medicare Fee Schedule based on the quality of care

“An apple a day keeps the Doctor away.” But, what if you are the doctor? Who keeps watch over how healthy your practice is?

Considering a new RCM partnerSwitching Revenue cycle partners is a big decision for practices.