We all know the scenario - a really terrific doctor who is very skilled clinically and who cares deeply about their patients and their well being.  They are good at being doctors.  But their practice is struggling - struggling financially even though their schedules are full.  Or they are struggling with frequent and disruptive staff turnover.  Or they are struggling under mounds of denied claims and high accounts receivable - having done the work for the patients but not received payment from the insurance company.  Unfortunately these scenarios are not uncommon.

As was originally originally published February 19, 2014 10:12 PM and updated February 19, 2014 10:59 PM By RIDGELY OCHS, many Long Island doctors say they are being listed on New York's health exchange plans without their knowledge, generating confusion and frustration among the physicians.

Some doctors said they are surprised to find out they are apparently listed with a plan. Others said they are shocked to learn they don't belong to a particular plan. Many say they have no idea what the reimbursement rates are, and all complain they are getting few answers.

Interesting article posted on http://www.medicalpracticeinsider.com/ on February 12, 2014  written by Frank Irving - Editor.

Reimbursement completes the quartet as reported in this article posted by HIM-HIPAA Insider, February 10, 2014.

4th HorsemanThere before me was a pale horse and its rider was named Reimbursement.

consumer engagement imageThere are many new terms being bandied about in healthcare - consumerism and patient engagement are just two of them.  Those two terms are often used interchangeably - they both involve the patient, right?  They are related but actually speak to two different trends.

mgmalogoIn a February 5, 2014 article written by Kyle Murphy, PhD, and posted on EHRIntelligence , MGMA reports that physician practices are very concerned about ICD-10 and the approaching October 1 deadline.

We have been receiving many inquiries related to the nuances of adding a practice location or acquiring a practice outside of your current state. This is a relevant topic and one which we addressed in our Smarter Credentialing webinar last fall.

Some reminders about adding another state to your practice:

Medicare’s delivery system reform initiatives achieve significant savings and quality improvements - off to a strong start as reported by CMS on 1/30/14.

CMS site-logoCMS has released the PQRS specifications for the 2014 reporting period and as expected, they are full of changes. eMDs has published the list of revised, retired and active claims based measures in our Healthcare Resources page so you can see the measures impacting your reporting requirements and understand the potential impact on your revenue by not reporting on these measures.

ElectronicMedicalRecordsMandate.org  provides direct information on a variety of EHR topics surrounding the HITECH act, the 2014 mandates and the penalties providers will be impacted by in 2015 if they are not meeting the 'meaningful use' guidelines by the end of 2014. This article, reposted from the EMR Mandate website, outlines the three stages of the EMR Mandate.