eMDsIn March 2015, MDeverywhere announced a merger with eMDs, a leading provider of electronic health records. The merger has allowed us to offer a fully integrated clinical, financial and administrative system designed to help physicians build a better practice.

Your EHR is the most important tool in the ICD-9 to ICD-10 conversion. Since mapping from ICD-9 to ICD-10 will in most cases not be one-to-one, EHRs help guide providers to the appropriate ICD-10 diagnosis.

ContractWith increasingly complex contract terms and the proliferation of plan products with the creation of the healthcare exchanges, it is more critical (and difficult!) than ever for physician groups to manage payer contracting through physician contract negotiation. Review Your Contracts The devil is in the details.

CMSCMS announced it will start testing value-based insurance models on Medicare Advantage plans starting in 2017. The program is an opportunity for Medicare Advantage plans (MA plans) to offer clinically-nuanced benefit packages aimed at improving quality of care while also reducing costs.

Cyber Attack

KPMG released the results of their latest healthcare cybersecurity survey and the findings are grim. Of the 223 executives surveyed nearly 80% say their information technology has been compromised by healthcare cyber-attacks. The most important cyber security concerns for healthcare providers and payers are coming from external sources.

Greatest Vulnerabilities in Data Security

CMSClosing out the week, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services released two important announcements.

First, CMS declared the latest, and final, round of ICD-10 fee-for-service end-to-end testing was a success. 29,286 test claims were received July 20-24 with 87% of the claims being accepted.

Doctor with MoneyThe Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services issued 2014 quality and financial performance results that show Medicare ACOs continue to improve the quality of care for beneficiaries – while generating financial savings.

ICD-10 RedThere is an endless supply of articles and resources on ICD-10. Everything from training your staff, to making sure your vendors are ready, to assessing your practice readiness. But, with only 37 days remaining before transition, we wanted to shift the discussion to – What happens after ICD-10?

The followingTexas Medical Association article was originally published on Me&My Doctor, a Texas Medical Association Blog.

If physicians’ predictions are accurate, patients might need to brace for disruptions in doctor visits this fall.

The 10 year ONC Healthcare Interoperability Roadmap had generated a lot of buzz. It proposes critical actions for both public and private stakeholders that, the ONC believes, will advance the nation towards an interoperable health IT ecosystem, advance research and ultimately achieve a learning health. If you are like most busy practices, you might not have time to read the 166 page Roadmap.