CAQH ProView: A Bumpy Ride for Physician Enrollment

CAQHIn March, CAQH launched CAQH ProView™ as part of an effort to modernize systems and an attempt  to “streamline credentialing, improve network provider directories, speed claims adjudication, and simplify administrative processes for providers and health plans.”   You can visit for providers or for the CAQH ProView Practice Manager Module.

The conversion has been anything but smooth to date.  Many issues have been reported by users since the conversion to ProView including:

  • Very long wait times when calling the Customer Support Center.  CAQH is now requesting that users send an email to to avoid the long hold times and dropped calls.  CAQH is trying to maintain a 24-hour response time to emails.
  • Information in the Universal Provider Datasource (UPD) was migrated to CAQH ProView for provider accounts and for practice manager accounts. However, some users have identified fields that did not migrate. In these instances, providers and practice managers should re-enter the information.
  • System response times have been very slow with long page load times and page timeouts. CAQH recently added Additional servers were address the slow system performance initially experienced with CAQH ProView.   Users who use FireFox to access CAQH ProView will see the slowest performance. CAQH is researching solutions to this issue.
  • One of the biggest issues we have faced when working on behalf of our clients occurs in the process of obtaining a forgotten username and/or password.  The responding email is sent without a CAQH ID# or name of the provider it is for. For groups using a single email address for all correspondence for multiple providers, this makes it impossible to assign the correct username to an individual provider.  Also those providers who have a fax number listed as their method of contact rather than an email address, receive an error message stating that the provider needs to call CAQH to reset.
  • Users have been reporting difficulty with uploading supporting documents to CAQH ProView. CAQH has reported that they are implementing a “fix” to resolve this issue and users should now be able to successfully upload supporting documents to CAQH ProView.
  • Very long lead times to review and approve documents.  CAQH is stating that there will be a 48-hour lead time.  However, we have experienced delays of a week or more in this process.
  • The re-attestation reminder emails are currently not turned on for CAQH ProView. CAQH is targeting to begin distributing these emails mid-April.
  • Users are experiencing difficulty with exporting data from the Practice Manager Module. CAQH is has stated that it is working to resolve this issue.
  • Practice managers have been requesting that different practice manager accounts be merged into one account. At this time, CAQH cannot merge different practice manager accounts into one account.

CAQH is stating that they are “aware that some users are experiencing difficulties with CAQH ProView and that the Support Center has long wait times from extremely high call and email volumes” and promise to work diligently to get all of the issues resolved.  You can visit the Status page on the CAQH website where they provide an update on their efforts to resolve the continuing issues.

While ProView appears to add some much needed functionality and capability to the CAQH database, it seems much work remains before it is working smoothly.

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