CMS: Successful End-to-End Testing; ICD-10 Ombudsman Announced

CMSClosing out the week, The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services released two important announcements.

First, CMS declared the latest, and final, round of ICD-10 fee-for-service end-to-end testing was a success. 29,286 test claims were received July 20-24 with 87% of the claims being accepted.

  • 8% of claims were rejected due to invalid submission of ICD-10 diagnosis or procedure code
  • 6% were rejected due to invalid submission of ICD-9 diagnosis or procedure code
  • The rest, 8.6%, of the rejections were due to administrative errors such as incorrect NPI, health insurance claim numbers and the like.

According to CMS, the final testing demonstrates that CMS systems are ready to accept and process ICD-10 claims.

  • No new ICD-10 related issues were identified in any of the Medicare fee-for-service claims processing systems.
  • There were zero rejects due to front-end CMS systems issues.
  • Issues identified during previous testing weeks were resolved prior to July testing.

The second announcement was the appointment of William Rogers, MD, director of the Physicians Regulatory Issues Team at CMS, as the ICD-10 Ombudsman. Rogers, an emergency room physician at Georgetown University Hospital, will be tasked with helping address concerns form healthcare professionals after ICD-10 goes live on Oct. 1.

Rogers and his team will be stationed in a new ICD-10 Coordination Center in Baltimore that will begin operation at the end of September.

Rogers can be reached at

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