New Codes
62302 Myelography via lumbar injection, including radiological supervision and interpretation; cervical
62303 ; thoracic
62304 ; lumbosacral
62305 ; 2 or more regions (eg, lumbar/thoracic, cervical/thoracic, lumbar/cervical, lumbar/thoracic/cervical)
64486 Transversus abdominis plane (TAP) block( abdominal plane block, rectus sheath block) unilateral; by injection(s) (includes imaging guidance, when performed)
64487 ; by continuous infusion(s) (includes imaging guidance, when performed)
64488 ; … bilateral; …
64489 ; by continuous infusions (includes imaging guidance, when performed)
Revised Codes
61055 Cisternal or lateral cervical (C1-C2) puncture; with injection of medication or other substance for diagnosis or treatment
62284 Injection procedure for myelography and/or computed tomography, lumbar (other than C1-C2 and posterior fossa)
Deleted Codes
61334 Exploration of orbit (transcranial approach); with removal of foreign body
61440 Craniotomy for section of tentorium cerebelli (separate procedure)
61470 Craniectomy, suboccipital; for medullary tractotomy
61490 Craniotomy for lobotomy, including cingulotomy
61542 Craniotomy with elevation of bone flap; for total hemispherectomy
61609 Transection or ligation, carotid artery in cavernous sinus; without repair (List separately in addition to code for primary procedure)
Deleted Codes
61875 Craniectomy for implantation of neurostimulator electrodes, cerebellar; subcortical
62116 Reduction of craniomegalic skull (eg, treated hydrocephalus); with simple cranioplasty
64752 Transection or avulsion of; vagus nerve (vagotomy), transthoracic
64761 Transection or avulsion of; pudendal nerve
64870 Anastomosis; facial-phrenic