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Easy Credentialing for Any Health Plan or Provider.

With all the different payers you have to work with, and their many different requirements, medical credentialing can be a massive effort for any healthcare practice. 

eMDs makes physician credentialing quick and easy. With the help of our expert credentialing and enrollment team, you can keep on top of the physician credentialing services you need to keep revenue and payments flowing, minimize coverage and referral issues, and revenue disruption.


Full Suite of Credentialing Services


Provider Enrollment & Credentialing

Save your practice time and money. We work with medical providers of all specialties nationwide and can assist with credentialing for any health plan.


Hospital Credentialing & Privileging

Our team will organize, prepare, and monitor your privilege applications to ensure we complete the process as efficiently as possible


CVO Credentialing

Contracting with an NCQA Certified CVO ensures quality provider review without excessive investment in staff and infrastructure.

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How is Our Credentialing Simply Better?

Paving the Way for Smoother Payer Relationships

We work with nearly any medical specialty or practice type to assist with organizing and preparing the detailed information you need to provide to facilitate the enrollment process with any health plan, at a fraction of the cost and time of doing it yourself. 

A dedicated eMDs account executive, who knows the ins and outs of Medicare, Medicaid and commercial insurance enrollment and who will help with any questions and requests. We also give you online tools to monitor the progress of applications and receive regular reporting. 

Hospital and CVO Credentialing

eMDs can also assist you with hospital and CVO credentialing so you can serve your patients across settings. Our team will organize, prepare and monitor your privilege applications to ensure you continue your patients continue to have access to your care. As an NCQA-certified Certified Verification Organization (CVO), eMDs can help you get quality provider review without having to invest heavily in staff and infrastructure.