Data Breaches: A Growing Threat to Medical Practices

Information-rich patient records has made healthcare organizations a prime target for criminal entities. Royal Jay captures the severity of data breaches and the cost of data breaches in an infographic highlighting recent statistics from a Ponemon Institute study. Here are some statistics for you to consider: 

  • Criminal attacks in the healthcare industry are up 125 percent since 2010 and are now the leading cause of data breach. 
  • These attacks are costing the healthcare industry upwards of $6 billion a year.
  • Size of the organization does not matter. The information in a healthcare record is worth fifty times what credit card numbers are worth on the black market making every practice – small, medium or large – fair game. 
  • In 2015, the Anthem breach alone exposed over 78 million patient records
  • Healthcare providers by putting in place some basic technical and operational controls can minimize security and compliance risk

To learn more, click here to view the infographic. It breaks down the impact data breaches are having on the US healthcare industry, covering everything from prevalence rates, cost to patient and provider, notable breaches, types of data stolen, vulnerabilities and action items for minimizing risk.

 A costly threat to healthcare

Source: Royal Jay


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