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Sounds like a good idea, but how does it make our EHR different?

For starters, the e-MDs EHR is designed to work like a doctor thinks, so it’s efficient and doesn’t get in your way. It’s also designed to be extremely accurate in clinical diagnosis and coding, so it can actually help you be a better physician.

Plus it’s usable and fast, so you can spend more time with your patients and less time typing. And we’re Meaningful Use and ICD-10 ready.

The e-MDs Family of Services


Solution Series

Proven solution for high performance.

Attain meaningful use, with advanced clinical insights that will actually improve your care. All with an award winning interface.


Hosting Services

Eliminate IT headaches.

An extension of your team providing extra muscle and round the clock management for a cost effective, headache-free solution."


Cloud Solutions

A truly native cloud solution.

The latest technology coupled with high usability to navigate the changing, increasingly complex medical practice environment.

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How is Our EHR Simply Better?

Clinician Friendly Medical Documentation

Our EHR uses e-MDs Medicapedia, an advanced SNOMED-CT® based fully integrated interface terminology engine that captures granular data at the point of care, supporting ICD-9 and ICD-10.

Designed for Clinical Efficiency

Our EHR adapts to your existing workflows so you can focus on patients without compromising on care. Role-based dashboards and status-at-a-glance summaries provide snapshots of critical information. Easily configurable templates with shortcuts and commonly used macros speed information entry.

Intelligent Order Entry (IOE)

Our EHR gives you a powerful way to quickly capture orders, prescribe medications, provide patient recommendations and education.

Highly Interoperable

Our EHR allows you to easily connect to diagnostic result providers, HIEs, and third party billing systems.

“I spent a year researching EHRs before selecting e-MDs. Not only did I increase the quality of my care, I increased my income so much that I can spend more time with my patients... and my family.”

Jennifer Brull, M.D.

Million Hearts ® Hypertension Control Challenge Champion e-MDs User since 2007


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