Healthcare Data Attractive Target for Cyber-Attacks

Cyber Attack

KPMG released the results of their latest healthcare cybersecurity survey and the findings are grim. Of the 223 executives surveyed nearly 80% say their information technology has been compromised by healthcare cyber-attacks. The most important cyber security concerns for healthcare providers and payers are coming from external sources.

Greatest Vulnerabilities in Data Security

Greatest Vulnerabilities in IT Securtiy

The top threats are malware and HIPAA violations.

Top Information Security Concerns

Top Information Security Concerns

KPMG Infographic Why healthcare information is valuable — KPMG infographic. (PRNewsFoto/KPMG LLP)


According to the study, healthcare data is attractive to cyber criminals because of the richness and uniqueness of the information that the health plans, doctors, hospitals and other providers handle. But, despite the bullseye on its back, the survey indicates that the industry lags in terms of preparedness for potential healthcare cyber attacks.

  • 25% of respondents surveyed by KPMG say that, based on their organization’s current protection systems, they don’t have or don’t know their capabilities, in real time, to detect if their organization’s systems are being compromised.
  • Nearly one-fifth of healthcare providers don’t have a leader solely responsible for information technology security
  • 25% of providers do not have information security operations center (SOC)

To read the full findings of the report, click here. The KPMG report is designed to help healthcare providers and health plans better understand their greatest vulnerabilities for cyber threats and discuss ways to become better prepared and increase their organizational capabilities at all levels.

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