I-STOP Deadline Fast Approaching – Is Your Practice Prepared?

The New York State Internet System for Tracking Over-Prescribing (I-STOP) Act establishes a real-time database which tracks controlled substance prescriptions issued by every doctor in the state of New York. The database allows doctors and pharmacists to have access to, and keep track of, all of the controlled substance prescriptions their patients are receiving. It is the first piece of statewide legislation enacted to help combat the rising rates of prescription drug abuse.

The Problem:

  • Drug overdose deaths in New York have risen 56% since 1999
  • Nationwide, drug overdose was the leading cause of death from injury in 2012
  • Most drug overdose deaths (53%) are caused by prescription drugs
  • Each month, 6.2 million American adults us prescription drugs non-medically

The I-STOP law requires all New York providers (excluding veterinarians) to adopt legend drug and controlled substance e-prescribing by March 27, 2016.  

To allow enough time for setup, approvals, and training, NY e-prescribing providers should already be working on implementing EPCS solutions. There are two key requirements providers need to be aware of in order to comply with the mandate:

E-prescribing Requirement

All prescriptions for both legend and controlled drugs in the state of New York must be sent electronically (e-prescribed) by March 27, 2016. Electronic prescribing for controlled substances must be supported by two-factor authentication. To satisfy this requirement, there are two steps you must take.

First, you will need to acquire an e-prescribing application that meets federal requirements included in the Drug Enforcement Administration Interim Final Rule regarding Electronic Prescriptions for Controlled Substances. This process requires that each prescriber pass an identity authentication process.

Second, you will need to register your e-prescribing application with the Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement. This can be done online. You may also email the completed Practitioner EPCS Registration (DOH-5121) form to narcotic@health.state.ny.us with “Practitioner EPCS Registration” in the subject line.

PMP Query Requirement

All New York providers must query the state Prescription Monitoring Program (PMP) before prescribing controlled substances. The PMP Registry provides practitioners with direct, secure access to view dispensed controlled substance prescription histories for their patients. The PMP is available 24 hours a day/7 days a week via an application on the Health Commerce System (HCS). Patient reports will include all controlled substances that were dispensed in New York State and reported by the pharmacy or dispenser for the past six months. This information will allow practitioners to better evaluate their patients' treatment with controlled substances and determine whether there may be abuse or non-medical use.

There is still time to prepare your practice for the March 27go-live date. eMDs clients interested in adding e-prescribing and EPCS should contact sales@e-mds.com for product and pricing information. 

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