ICD-10: 244 Days and Counting, Are You Ready?

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It is time to pick up the planning for the transition to ICD-10 again. Following the delay announcement last April, most consultants and professional organizations recommended that practices and hospitals continue their preparations unabated. But given the myriad of competing priorities in healthcare - everything from meaningful use attestation, ACO planning and/or reporting and understanding the proliferation of plans through the implementation of healthcare exchanges - this was more a best case than a practical reality. It is far more likely that most organizations tabled their work on ICD-10. Now that we are a mere 244 days away from the current deadline for the transition of October 1, 2015, it is time to turn our attention again to ensuring that our organizations are fully prepared for the transition. Chances are that you were somewhere along a timeline of preparations in April, but as different organizations were in different places, we will start from the top. Here is MDeverywhere's recommended 12-Step program to preparing for the transition to ICD-10:

  1. Organize implementation effort
  2. Establish communication plan
  3. Conduct impact analysis
  4. Contact systems vendors
  5. Estimate budget
  6. Evaluate Options
  7. Develop training plan
  8. Analyze business processes
  9. Education and training
  10. Policy change development
  11. Deployment of code/testing
  12. Implementation compliance

source: AAPC (with some modifications)

While ICD-10 is a serious subject it is not without its fun. Over the next few weeks, we will be posting a series of infographics looking at the humorous (as well as the serious) side of ICD-10. We kick it off with Man vs. Lamppost. Enjoy. ICD10-Man-vs-Lamppost