Lytec & Lytec MD

A Solution Suite to Help Physician Practices Increase Revenue and Improve Patient Care.

Increase Efficiency, Enhance Patient Care

Server-based Electronic Health Record & Practice Management Solutions

In today’s changing healthcare environment, improving your patients’ clinical outcomes while continuing to grow your practice is more challenging than ever. To succeed, you need a technology solution that helps you deliver the highest quality of patient care without sacrificing revenue or practice efficiency.

Lytec is a proven practice management system uniquely designed to support the needs of small, independent physicians. But Lytec is much more than practice management. With Lytec MD, you receive both the practice management features of Lytec and a comprehensive electronic health record (EHR) system, delivering the core functionality today’s independent practices need. From streamlined scheduling and billing functionality to advanced clinical capabilities, the Lytec solution suite gives your practice the tools needed to manage the complexity of today’s healthcare environment.

Lytec Benefits


Update the patient chart from a single point of entry.


Optimize workflow.


Help manage patient safety with e-prescribing.


Spend less time on administrative tasks.

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Why is Lytec Simply Better?

Streamlined Scheduling & Billing

In a small practice, every bit of revenue counts. You need practice management solutions that reduce the administrative burdens of your practice while helping to improve patient care and the reimbursement for that care. The Lytec suite of solutions from eMDs does just that. The core Lytec practice management system provides a powerful workflow engine to manage the scheduling, billing and revenue cycle management functions of your practice.

Patient Intake Mobile application for iPad® and Android™

Mobile reduces data entry time, helping to free up staff to focus on more meaningful tasks. Simply hand your patients the mobile device, and through the Lytec Mobile application they can enter their new information and edit already-existing information.

Advanced Clinical Capabilities and Reporting

Lytec MD brings together the latest Lytec practice management system with an advanced electronic health record (EHR) at a value that independent physician practices can appreciate. 

Quick & Easy Documentation

When it comes to documentation, the Bright Note Technology™ feature in Lytec MD updates an entire chart from a single point of entry, reducing manual entry. Documentation tools in Lytec MD, such as templates, speech recognition, digital pen, dictation and web-based patient data entry, can adapt to provider’s preference.

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