New Year's Resolutions: Start Your Practice's 2018 The Right Way

After some much needed rest and relaxation with family and friends, these first weeks of 2018 offer a great opportunity to get your practice off on the right foot! Much as you would make personal New Year’s resolutions, there are a few practice resolutions that can help start your office off on the right track and keep it running smoothly into the rest of the year.

Resolution #1: Close out your 2017

Take the time as you start 2018 to make sure that 2017 has been wrapped up properly in your system. Work your claims queue, make sure all transactions and payments are posted and your accounts are reconciled, and run your end-of-term reports to make sure everything is balanced appropriately. With the book properly closed, no leftover financial data can cause problems with your new year’s transactions.

Resolution #2: Updates!

Whether it’s on an annual, semi-annual, bimonthly, monthly, or even weekly cadence, many pieces of your practice management and/or electronic health record software – including the software itself – require updates. Follow your vendors’ protocols for checking for new updates and make sure you are keeping your software and its data on the latest version. CMS released its 2018 GCPIs last month. If you haven’t yet, check it out and make sure to get your fee schedules updated in your system as well. With the latest data, software, patches, and/or bug fixes, you can make sure that your technology is ready for 2018.

Resolution #3: Quality Reporting

A new year means new steps in quality reporting for any of the programs in which you are participating. Whether you are just starting to capture data or readying yourself to attest, make sure to begin the year by reviewing the requirements and processes your program(s) will require of you in order to properly qualify, report, and receive your payment. Yearly adjustments are common, so pay close attention to changes in process or data capture between 2017 and 2018 and adjust accordingly.

To all of you from eMDs, we hope you had a happy holiday season, and here is to a fantastic 2018!