eMDs Becomes Member of CommonWell Health Alliance
Wed, 2016/09/07 - 8:30am

Austin, TX and Boston, MA, September 7 – Today, eMDs announced it is joining CommonWell Health Alliance® as a General Member to help break down barriers to nationwide data exchange. CommonWell, a non-profit trade association, is dedicated to the simple vision that health data should be available regardless of where care occurs.

According to Black Book, 94 percent of America’s providers, health care agencies, patients and payers persist as meaningfully unconnected.[i] In an effort to improve the status quo, CommonWell and its members have committed to using their diverse experience across the health care continuum to produce and deploy real-world, cross-vendor interoperability services that will contribute to improved health care delivery and outcomes for providers and the people they serve.

CommonWell and its members are actively deploying these interoperability services, which are now live at 4,700 provider sites nationwide, ranging from large acute hospitals to rural specialty practices. CommonWell services include person enrollment, record location, patient identification and linking, and data query and retrieval across the health care continuum. Unique to CommonWell, its services aim to solve the patient linking and identity problems at scale. Additionally, CommonWell members have access to a working, functioning record locator service, allowing providers to find health records associated with a patient, no matter where the care is delivered. Services are built into the software by CommonWell member companies to help providers maintain their existing workflow.

“Each member of CommonWell brings a unique and specific contribution to our organization,” said Nick Knowlton, Membership Committee chair for CommonWell Health Alliance and vice president at Brightree. “We are excited to have eMDs strengthen our collective experience across the health care continuum as we continue to deploy our cross-vendor interoperability services nationwide.”

“Our membership with CommonWell symbolizes our commitment to interoperability, which complements our vision of becoming the leading provider of healthy solutions for healthy patients and healthy practices,” said Derek Pickell, CEO of eMDs. “By joining the Alliance, we are doing our part to break down the barriers to true interoperability.”

eMDs joins the Alliance with the intention to contribute to enhancing nationwide interoperability in health care. To date, more than 50 organizations are members of CommonWell.

About eMDs

eMDs is a leading provider of healthy solutions for healthy patients and healthy providers. We offer integrated electronic health records, practice management software, revenue cycle management solutions, and credentialing services for physician practices and enterprises. Founded by physicians, the company is an industry leader for usable, connected software that enables physician productivity and a superior clinical experience. eMDs software has received top rankings in physician and industry surveys including those conducted by the American Academy of Family Physicians’ Family Practice Management, AmericanEHR™ Partners, MedScape®, and Black Book®. For more information, please visit http://www.emds.com.

About CommonWell Health Alliance

CommonWell Health Alliance is a not-for-profit trade association of health IT companies working together to create universal access to health data nationwide. CommonWell members represent two-thirds of the acute care EHR market[ii] and more than one-third of the ambulatory care EHR market[iii], as well as market leaders and technology innovators supporting care settings such as post-acute care, imaging, perinatal, laboratory, retail pharmacy, oncology, population health, emergency services and more.  CommonWell and its members are committed to the belief that provider access to health data must be built into information technologies at a reasonable cost for use by a broad range of health care providers and the populations and people they serve.

To learn more about CommonWell Health Alliance, visit www.commonwellalliance.org. Engage with CommonWell on our Blog, as well as through Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter using the handle, @CommonWell. CommonWell Health Alliance® and the CommonWell Logo are registered trademarks of CommonWell Health Alliance Inc. 

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