Optimize Quality with our Top Rated PHM

Leverage Data to Optimize your Practice Results.

The Population Health Platform

for ALL your practice needs!

There is an endless stream of data flowing through your practice. Data about patients and payments. About diagnosis and treatments, and medications. About compliance and satisfaction.

What if you could harness that data at the point of care? To help gaps in care – and act on them right away! That’s the promise of our Population Health Management service. Our service, seamlessly integrated with our EHR software, proactively engages the provider and the patient with real, actionable insights.

Our solution is also designed to improve your financial results. Whether your practice suffers from quality measure performance, cost overruns, or payer underpayments, our solution quickly identifies problems and allows you to drill down to uncover areas for improvement. Get ready to maximize your performance to take advantage of value-based payment models and to demonstrate the quality of care you are providing.

Ready to optimize quality & financial performance?

How is our PHM simply better?

Fully Integrated

With seamless integration to our EHR suite, our population health solution works within the same workflow as the rest of your practice.

Designed to Optimize Your Practice

Through alignment between value/risk based reimbursement, care delivery optimization, cost avoidance, improved patient safety/health, and financial drivers/incentives.

Easy to Use Rules Builder

Enables creation of clinical care gaps, KPIs, reports, dashboards, and reporting hierarchies - ensures greater provider acceptance.

Benchmark Performance

Against yourself and other practices.

It's Affordable

For any size practice, with a simple pricing model.