eMDs Plus Solutions

A Healthy Solution for Creating a Healthy Practice and Enabling Healthy Patients.

Solution Series Plus

Solution Series® is designed to work like a doctor thinks. It's efficient, usable, and fast so you can spend more time focused on your patients.

Lytec Plus

Lytec® helps small physician practices increase revenue and improve patient care through practice management and electronic health records.

Medisoft Plus

Medisoft® solutions help physician practices improve productivity and patient care with practice management and electronic health records.

Practice Partner Plus

Practice Partner® is a fully-integrated EHR and practice management software that helps practices improve their quality of care and bottom-line productivity.

Why Choose Plus?

Whether you are still up in the air about using an EHR solution or have been a long-time user, now is the time to take the next step in your practice’s technology solutions.

The Plus series of solutions from eMDs lets you do just that: without costly disruptions to your practice and with over three decades experience in delivering software and services that work for you.

What is Plus?

Plus is a web-based EHR solution built from the ground up to minimize complexity and maximize ease of use, based on the industry’s most proven solutions for independent physician practices: Solution Series, Lytec, Medisoft and Practice Partner.

Why use a web-based solution?

Time is money. Resources are scarce. Focusing on delivering patient care is your top priority. Plus removes a lot of the time and resources required to implement, maintain and manage technology solutions. With a web-based solution, you get the flexibility of being able to access patient and practice information from anywhere at anytime, on the device of your choice. You also no longer need extensive technical support, as software updates are automatic and once implemented, the administration of the software does not require technical expertise.

Plus works with what you already know and love

Our philosophy at eMDs is to make life easier and more productive for practices like yours. Rip-and-replace or attempting to integrate a foreign solution can be tricky, costly and time-intensive.

That’s why we focus on delivering a line of Plus solutions that are geared to the solutions you already use. This means no retraining, easier implementations and a more rapid time to getting value out of your solution.

Are you ready to try Plus?