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Deliver Solid Financial Results and Optimal Patient Satisfaction

Technology has reshaped our lives. Consumers have come to expect the convenience and speed technology offers. Those expectations extend to their doctor’s office.

eMDs has designed Practice Management solutions that help you keep up with rapid change, improving your patients’ experience with your practice and giving them the confidence that your technology-enabled practice can provide fast, efficient, accurate, and compassionate care. Our physician practice management technology improves your patient relationships, rather than taking away from them.

At the same time, our practice management solutions help you keep your reimbursements flowing while helping your staff streamline the complex processes your practice faces today.

Stay Ahead of Change with eMDs Practice Management Solutions

Charge capture, reimbursement changes, the move to value-based care, penalties, meaningful use – all these factors create complexity in how you operate your practice. Even for small, independent practices, technology has become a requirement for successfully managing the business parts of your practice. eMDs can help automate your billing operations, making it easier to focus on important collections and denail management functions, and even other revenue generating tasks that imporve practice financials while supporting quality goals.

All eMDs practice management solutions help your practice stay ahead of rapid change. You can keep your reimbursements flowing and ensure steady revenue, while supporting your staff to keep on top of all the paperwork and workflows.

What eMDs Physician Practice Management Solutions Give You

The eMDs Practice Management tools give you easy-to-use solutions that help you serve your patients with personalized, compassionate care while keeping up a modern, successful practice. Our flexible offerings include:

  • Robust insurance and patient billing
  • Powerful reporting to analyze practice financials
  • Efficient and usable design for practice administrators and front office staff

Increase Efficiency, Enhance Patient Care


Solution Series

Solution Series® by eMDs is designed to work like a doctor thinks. It's efficient, usable, and fast so you can spend more time focused on your patients.



Lytec® by eMDs helps small physician practices increase revenue and improve patient care through practice management and electronic health records.



Medisoft® by eMDs solutions help physician practices improve productivity and patient care with practice management and electronic health records.


Practice Partner

Practice Partner® is a fully-integrated EHR and PM software that helps practices improve their quality of care and bottom-line productivity.

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