e-MDs Cloud Solutions

e-MDs Cloud Solutions is the answer for clinicians who need the latest technology coupled with extreme high usability to help them cope with a changing, increasingly complex medical practice environment. Cloud Solutions is written from the ground up as a true browser-based Electronic Health Record (EHR). Created by a company founded and lead by a doctor, the result is a true physician’s EHR that models the excellence of e-MDs 16 years of market experience, and the advantage of the input of thousands of physicians.


Clinician-Friendly Medical Documentation, Sophisticated terminology-driven data capture. Cloud Chart uses the powerful e-MDs Medicapaedia™, an advanced, fully integrated interface terminology engine that capture granular data at the point of care. The system automatically captures SNOMED® clinical concepts that map to ICD-9 and ICD-10, CPT® and HCPCS for accurate charge capture and optimal billing.

Designed for Clinical Efficiency. More than ever, physicians are under pressure to do more in less time. Cloud Chart’s intuitive design helps solve this problem. It adapts to your existing workflows so you can focus on patients without compromising on care. Role-based dashboards and status-at-a-glance summaries provide snapshots of critical information. Easily configurable templates with shortcuts and commonly used macros speed information entry.

Intelligent Order Entry (IOE). Experience a new, powerful way to quickly capture orders, prescribe medications, provide patient recommendations and education. Customizable order sets encourage optimal best practices and  help meet clinic and workflow tracking requirements.

Patient-Entered Data Simplifies Intake, Stratifies Risk. The Patient Portal has a complete, customizable patient history intake questionnaire that automatically populates the chart with structured data and can calculate a risk score  so practices can stratify their patient population and easily identify those patients needing higher levels of engagement to optimize quality and maximize shared savings.

Highly Interoperable. Easily connect to diagnostic result providers, HIEs, and third party billing systems. In addition to e-MDs' strong data foundation and  modern architecture, our physician driven, patient-first culture of sharing supports data integration goals that optimize patient care and administrative efficiency.

True SaaS Solution. A true, bring-your-own-device (BYOD) system that is easily deployed and provides secure access to patient charts from anywhere that you have an internet connection.


Key Features:

  • Patient - Centric EHR
  • Customizable documentation formats & health summary
  • Intelligent Order Entry (IOE)
  • User-Defined Operational Dashboards
  • Intra-Office E-Mail and Patient Messaging
  • Patient Portal
  • Operational Reporting & Data Warehouse Analytics
  • Practice Management Interfaces
  • Customizable Clinical Reminders and Rules
  • Workflow Optimization Including Check-In/Check Out and Tracking Board Modules
  • Scheduler


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