e-MDs DocMan
e-MDs DocMan: Electronic Document Management for Eliminating Paper Charts

Electronic document management is the key to eliminating paper in a busy medical office. e-MDs DocMan is an integral part of the EHR and is included with e-MDs Chart for free.  Storing original documents from interfaces (e.g. CCD, lab, radiology and path results which are also parsed into structured flow sheets), faxes (e.g. consults), or just plain scanned documents like old charts and administration forms and more a complete record of all patient information is easily referenced.  Best of all, it all fits in categorized or chronological order with EHR progress notes for patients.  With easy routing capabilities for staff notifications, going paperless is easy with our system.

Why DocMan?

  • Realize the benefits of a truly paperless environment: staff time savings, reduced materials use, and free up storage space to be used in a more productive way
  • Every element of the chart is available from anywhere you can access your EMR
  • Easy, centralized storage of commonly used forms
  • Familiar feel for anyone accustomed to folder-based file storage system
  • Fully customizable, specialty-based document storage capabilities

e-MDs DocMan
Key Features

  • Supports any file type
  • Bulk scan with FastFile® technology makes it easy to convert paper charts and easily categorize into logical folders
  • Easy attachment and messaging of documents and charts
  • Integrated faxing and routing management
  • Refiling with auditing makes it easy to reclassify documents
  • Document sign off and tracking
  • Accessible from structured data flowsheets
  • Paperless storage of mail merge forms completed for patients

Versatile and comprehensive

DocMan supports all document formats, and allows you to capture anything related to the patient chart; multi-page scans, lab & other interface results, color images, referral letters and other correspondence, images of insurance cards—even video with sound. You can even host and view files from third party vendor applications and devices.

Easy to use

Instead of calling a staff member to deliver a chart to the floor, a provider can use DocMan to easily retrieve the scanned patient record and review any historic item, while also having access to information generated in other areas of the EHR.

Fully customizable

Specialties and patient folders are completely customizable, with an intuitive user interface that makes DocMan easy to use and configure.  Each physician can store their own sign off profile and preferences; with standardized enterprise or user-specific comments (e.g. “All normal, contact patient.”

Forms repository

A generic forms folder allows you to store custom forms such as Advanced Beneficiary Notices (ABN) and patient information forms for rapid access anywhere in your network. DocMan can also store Word mail merge forms completed for a patient without the need to print and scan.

Flexible implementation

DocMan can be deployed in multiple configurations, from direct attached storage to Fibre Channel SAN (storage area networks). DVD RAM jukeboxes can store the medical records departments of hundreds of hospitals for fractions of the cost of paper.

Proven, powerful, affordable

Although DocMan deployments encompass enterprise projects across multiple states and facilities, DocMan is affordably priced for even the smallest medical office.  It is even available as a standalone solution.  Some of DocMan’s design elements are sourced in the rigorous environment of the banking industry.  With over fifteen years of deployment at some of the largest banks in the U.S. and now an more than a decade in healthcare, this document management technology has been proven secure and reliable. Our physicians and nurses have adapted this powerful technology specifically for the medical industry. DocMan is HIPAA compliant, with rigorous audit trails that track all activities.

What are you waiting for?

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