OB Module
e-MDs OB Module: Prenatal and Delivery Charting

e-MDs OB Module is a specialized component included for free with e-MDs Chart.  This efficient documentation and reporting system makes it easy for physicians and staff to manage all aspects of prenatal care and delivery.  Using the ACOG Antepartum Record as a guideline for content, e-MDs OB Module has the look, feel and functionality that are familiar to providers and birthing centers.

Why e-MDs OB Module?

  • Rapid, easy documentation of prenatal encounters.
  • Part of award-winning, integrated e-MDs Chart EHR and PM.
  • Shows the information doctors want to see.

OB Module

Key Features:

  • Follows familiar ACOG® Antepartum Record format and generates complete prenatal record report to send to delivery facilities.
  • Clearly indicated pregnancy risk factors.
  • Tightly integrated with e-MDs Chart facilitates easy access to all other information (side-by-side health summary, tests, scheduling, etc.)
  • Complete, trimester appropriate and customizable plans, order sets, labs and patient education.
  • Outcomes and EDD reporting.

Easy documentation and intuitive display

Document the full range of OB visits more quickly and easily including office and offsite procedures, menstrual history, previous pregnancies, multiple births, multiple gestation pregnancies, prematurity and more. View summaries of each visit easily in a chart-friendly format.

Comprehensive monitoring tools

Maintains risk assessments, physical exams, genetic screening, multiple calculation methods (LMP, initial exam, ultrasound, quickening).

Obstetric specific organization and tools

The OB Module supports critical organization and management tools such as birth planning (i.e. documents related to hospital, physician, anesthesia), Top of Pregnancy Management (auto calculation of weight change, and display of pregnancy summary, health summary, risks, LMP, EDD and gestational age), and obstetric patient education.

Fully integrated with e-MDs Solution Series

Seamless integration into current e-MDs Solution Series ™ products, including e-MDs Chart,Bill and Schedule.  Encounters can be billed directly after visits.  Gyn and other visits can be documented as standard progress notes.

Easy to use with convenient prompts and reminders

The OB Module is intuitive for users of the ACOG® Antepartum Record. You can create a prenatal record that’s identical to standardized OB forms – at any point in the pregnancy. It also includes automatic prompts for ordering labs; abnormal findings are highlighted, and information presented is also gestational age appropriate.

Strong reporting

The OB Module system generates the full ACOG® Antepartum Record which can be sent to L&D.  Additional EDD and Outcome reporting gives you the ability to predict and review deliveries.

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