Patient Portal

Patient engagement is a critical part of practicing medicine.  When patients have information about their health, they are more likely to take proactive steps to improving lifestyles, adhering to physician instructions and being healthy.  But doing this cost-effectively is a key operational challenge.  Calling patients for routine purposes is costly and inefficient.  The e-MDs Patient Portal is a key tool to help practices with their patient engagement strategy and to do this cost-effectively.  Unlike disconnected or interfaced portals, the e-MDs Patient Portal fits so seamlessly into e-MDs Solution Series that most practice staff never leave their e-MDs workspaces to communicate with patients.  This means virtually no clinical staff training.  Most importantly, no time-wasting duplicate data entry such as reconciling medication refills, messages, or appointment requests.

Why Patient Portal?

  • Reduce the cost and improve the efficiency of practice-patient communications
  • Tracks interactions with patients
  • Improves office workflow and patient access

e-MDs Patient Portal


Key Features

  • Customizable functionality
  • Unidirectional or bidirectional messaging depending upon clinic preferences with messages automatically saved in the patient chart
  • Real time health summary display for patients with options for patients to create their own copies in electronic or print formats
  • Results messaging directly from patients charts that fit your practice protocols
  • Appointment requests, open access appointment scheduling and appointment reminder messages
  • Medication refill requests which use the same workflow for other requests
  • Automatic publishing of visit summaries helps with meaningful use compliance
  • e-Blasts to patients directly from registry makes it easy to send reminders, birthday notices and other revenue generating and patient goodwill mass communications at virtually no cost
  • Referral requests
  • Patient Intake Questionnaires using free integration with Instant Medical History®

Reduces Costs: The portal gives practices the ability to communicate effectively and efficiently with patients.  No more time spent waiting for people to pick up the phone, on hold, or side-bar conversations.

Efficient Tracking: All messages are tracked so practices can verify that they went out, were read (or not read).  Staff can request read receipts.  All messages are automatically added to the patient chart.

Fits Your Workflow and Protocols: Practices determine how patients can use the system.  You can select one-way or two-way messaging.  You can still hold abnormal results until you’ve had a chance to notify patients by other means.  You can enable or disable certain functions as you ramp up with using the portal.

Efficient, Integrated Directly into System: The tools used to interact with patients on the portal are the same tools your staff use in other workflows.  The only difference may be small visual cues.  Appointment requests flow directly into the same list that is populated by staff for manual requests.  Patient refill requests go directly into the same queue that nurses and doctors see for Surescripts network, faxed, or phoned in requests.  Messages are sent and received using the exact same TaskMan tool used for intra-office messaging.  The key point is that the same efficient workflows are used for daily operations and require no additional training.

Highly Customizable: You can choose how and when to implement your Patient Portal strategy.  Many practices will start with key cost saving drivers like results messaging and appointment requests, then ramp up additional functionality.  Even advanced features like full open access scheduling can be configured by doctor, day of week and time of day.  The key is you decide.