Tracking Board

e-MDs Tracking Board: Clinician Desktop for Improving Enterprise Workflow

e-MDs Tracking Board is the easy way to manage your day. This electronic whiteboard is a single screen that lets you know exactly what is happening in your practice. Quickly launch into patient charts to speed up encounters. Know where you need to go next, what orders need to be managed or results reviewed, and what other staff are doing. Rapidly review your appointments, message inbox and sign off list make it easy to make decisions and take care of tasks throughout the day means that when the last patient leaves, you know the exact status of any remaining items.

Why Tracking Board?

  • Whiteboard  to monitor patients through the clinic
  • Rapid access to all your key daily tasks from one screen
  • Know where your patients are, where you need to be, and what orders need to be completed
  • Easily review charts, key reminders and patient photo before you enter the room
  • Schedule at a glance helps you see how many patients you have
  • Simplifies message and task management
  • See which notes still need to be signed off

e-MDs Tracking Board
Key Features:

  • See patients waiting, roomed, ready and checked out
  • Message queues in customizable categories
  • Patient photo
  • Multi-location enabled
  • Access to complete patient chart
  • Access any Solution Series workspace
  • One-click access to full schedule
  • Order notification
  • User defined patient views
  • Customizable setup by clinic
  • Overdue clinical reminders

Manage clinic workload

Tracking Board provides user defined views of a clinic's workload. This includes tracking of a patient's status and progress during a visit, from check-in at the front desk to treatment and discharge. Patient tracking information can be easily viewed on any computer connected to the network. Additional visual indicators show when the patient is ready to be seen by the physician, how long patients have been waiting to be seen, as well as actual treatment times. A practice administrator can perform activity based costing to identify inefficiencies in staffing and workflow, translating into more efficient patient flow and higher profits. This invaluable management tool allows the organization to maximize productivity throughout the organization.

Improve patient care

The clinical rules system is tightly integrated into Tracking Board. You can quickly review overdue clinical best practices items for a patient and even set up reminders to ensure you complete these before the patient leaves. As another touch point for managing patient care, these make it even easy for practices to comply with best practices and be confident that they are well positioned to take advantage of value-based purchasing models.

Better management of orders and tasks

Ancillary staff can view room status information such as whether a room is empty, in use or in need of cleaning. In addition, visual indicators for each patient show the status of orders -- new orders by provider, orders being processed by staff, orders pending results, and orders with results back. Now clinical support staff will know when doctors have entered orders and can get these done more efficiently. Nurses and managers can use these to improve practice throughput and efficiency by viewing one or more doctor’s patients.

Efficient messaging tools shorten the day

Tracking Board’s even shows you if there are messages and tasks in your inbox. With users able to customize message categories, it is easy to access items on the fly. With one click users can access and deal with incoming messages from other staff. Urgent and Stat messages are identified separately from normal priority messages decreasing unnecessary interruptions. The net result is you can avoid having a huge stack of tasks to take care of after patients leave.

Linked to providers schedules.

A monthly overview of the provider's schedule is visible on the main screen at all times. Color coding identifies overall appointment density and, on a daily basis, an hourly breakdown of appointment density. You can quickly see how many appointments you have for the day, how many are left, and if you’ve had any no shows. The full features of e-MDs Schedule can be accessed directly from Tracking Board with a simple click so it is easy to know what your day looks like and answer questions like whether you can work in a patient.