Practice Financials Soar with The Best RCM

Focus on Your Patients... Leave the Billing & Collections to Us

Billing, Collection, and ICD-10 problems?

No worries.

Declining reimbursement, the increasing costs of operating a practice, time-consuming regulatory burdens, and hassles with getting paid by insurance companies and patients are putting enormous pressure on your practice's revenue cycle.

It's time for a new solution that provides the expertise, smart tools, and technology you need to thrive in this dynamic market.

Leverage the power and knowledge of hundreds of revenue cycle professionals working to keep you in front of market changes. When eMDs is part of your revenue cycle operations, we can provide real, tangible financial benefits to help your practice soar.

Take care of your practice and patients. We'll worry about your revenue.

The Value Behind eMDs RCM


ICD-10 Compliant

means your transition will be easier


Cleaner Claims

means 99% are accepted the first time


Faster Collections

through efficiencies in the collection process


Decrease Denials

customizable provider and payor specific rules



process experts will maximize your income

Ready to make practicing medicine your focal point?

How is our RCM simply better?

Industry Experts.

When you choose eMDs RCM solutions, a talented set of dedicated, certified industry experts are assigned to your practice. We are a team of problem-solvers here to help you constantly improve processes and streamline workflow to maximize the revenue potential of every patient encounter. We work on behalf of your practice for less money than you pay today, with better results, guaranteed.

Smart Tools that Drive Business Growth.

Automation and innovation help our clients move faster and smarter. We have smart tools that help with everything from coding encounters correctly, to effectively interacting with patients, to understanding the business of your practice.

We are ICD-10 Compliant!

We have made major investments to ensure that our systems are ready, our process tested, and that our clients have the right tools and training to be fully prepared for the transition to ICD-10. At eMDs, we know that a successful transition is not just about system updates, it is about ensuring our clients have achieved ICD-10 mastery.

Proven Results.

We have collected billions of dollars of claims for more than 50,000 medical professionals who have benefited from our technology and processes. Partner with eMDs and we'll help you optimize your financials.