Video Testimonials

Video Testimonials

Dr. Stephen Brown (Orthopedic Surgeon)
Houston, TX
Solo Practitioner
Dr. John Crankshaw (Internal Medicine / Pediatric Physician)
Family Physicians of Urbana;
Urbana, OH
4 Providers

Dr. George Miller (General Surgeon)
Grenada, MS
J. Scott Litton, Jr. (Family Medicine Physician)
Litton Family Medicine;
Pennington Gap, VA
1 Provider, Nurse Practitioner, Nurse
Dr. Alan Grimes (Pediatrician)
Priority Care Pediatrics
Kansas City, MO
5 Providers, 2 Locations
Kristen Nielsen (IS Coordinator)
Mid-State Health Center
Plymouth, NH
12 Provider, Multi-Specialty Group
Dr. Bob Clark(Family Physician)
Clark Family and Obstetric Care
Appalachian Mountains, NC
Solo Practitioner, 2 Extenders
KC Arnold (Acute Care Nurse Practitioner)
The Diabetes Center, PLLC
Ocean Springs, MS
Nurse, Medical Assistant, 2 Part-time Nursing Students
Dr. Ed Corbett (Internal Medicine Group)
Plano, TX
3 Providers, Nurse Practitioner

Dr. Eric Weidmann (Family Physician)
South Austin Medical Clinic
Austin, TX
9 Providers

Dr. Janice Johnston (Family Practitioner/Medical Director)
Arrowhead Health & Pain MDs
Glendale, AZ
20 Multi-specialty Professional, 100+ Staff

Marty Bennett (Owner)
Riverside Family Medicine
Maurepas, LA
Rural Health Clinic

Dr. Scott Blattman (Family Practitioner)
Waco, TX
6 Doctor Primary Care group; Part of a 9 Clinic, 40 Physician Organization (3 counties, 6 cities); Specialty Care and Geriatrics

Dr. Todd Stewart (General Internal Medicine)
Westark Diagnostic Clinic
Fort Smith, AR
2 Providers

Dr. Steven Weisberger (Family Physician)
Arnold Memorial Medical Center
Rural Maine
5 Providers, Extenders

Stacy Reitzel (Administrator)
Perryville Family Care Clinic
Perryville, MO
13 Providers, 4 Locations; Rural Health Clinic