e-MDs is committed to helping you get your practice up to speed as quickly as possible.  Professional, effective training unlocks the true power of your e-MDs system allowing your team to maximize productivity and minimize inefficiencies.  Our trainers are true professionals with a unique blend of software expertise, detailed knowledge of practice operations, and training skills to ensure a top-notch learning experience for your staff.

We currently offer a variety of training options to provide the best learning solution for your practice. Please contact our training team for more information or to purchase and schedule training. 


Onsite Training

e-MDs Trainer

Onsite training is conducted at the customer’s site and is customized specifically for the specialty and workflow of the clinic.  This is hands on training on your computer system and is beneficial when initially learning the system as well as for ongoing training as you hire new staff, need a refresher when upgrading to a new version, or need assistance with practice optimization. We offer core application training, advanced functionality and workflow training sessions that help you fully optimize your e-MDs software.

Internet Based Training

e-MDs offers training sessions via the internet so that your staff can learn new and advanced features and maximize the use of the software. This will help for new staff training, training on new functionality available with upgrades, and to ensure optimal use of the many features within our products. This can be personalized, one-on-one, or you can join one of the scheduled webinar lectures.  e-MDs also provides a series of learning videos that can be downloaded for learning at your own pace.  Our Internet based training features a broad curriculum including sessions on advanced functionality and provides the ultimate flexibility for busy practices. 

Internet Training Requirements:

  1. Fast internet connection (e.g. T1, Cable, DSL)
  2. Ability to download a host to your system (some firewalls will prevent this)
  3. Telephone near the computer.

Request Training

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