Stressed Out By One MU Audit? Try Three

We, as physicians, can respect that random or even selected audits are appropriate to check that Eligible Providers (EPs) are following the rules to receive the extra money offered by CMS for implementing Meaningful Use of EHRs.

But tell me again why some providers have been selected three times in a row?

You know (those of you who have endured them) that an audit is never pleasant. Supposedly, it is about 5 percent of EPs who have submitted. You must submit tons of documentation demonstrating that you played by the rules. Hours of staff time, coupled with tons of anxiety, often letters asking for more documentation on this particular issue, please … for a program which is supposed to reward you for doing the right thing?

“Doctor, congratulations, we’d like to reward you for a successful implementation of everything we asked by auditing you three times in a row, so we can be sure the money we gave you was appropriately awarded.”

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