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We realize that one of the most important elements of any software system is the support services backing it up. Getting the support you need with eMDs award-winning staff has never been easier!  We have a number of support resources available to help you optimize the use of your system and participate in the eMDs community. Click on the links below to access these support resources or if you are unable to find a solution to your problem using these services, please contact your vendor or the eMDs support team.

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eMDs is commited to helping you get your practice up to speed as quickly as possible. Professional, effective training unlocks the true power of your eMDs system allowing your team to maximize productivity and minimize inefficiencies. Our trainers are true professionals with a unique blend of software expertise, detailed knowledge of practice operations, and the training skills that ensure a top-notch learning experience for your staff.

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"If I had to describe my relationship with eMDs in one phrase it would be a ‘reliable business partner.’ I can count on eMDs to provide a solid, reliable backbone for our operation both medical as well as financial."

Dr. Weidmann, South Austin Medical Clinic

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