Partner Webinar: Boost Revenue and Simplify Workflows with Updox for Solution Series

Partner Webinar: Boost Revenue and Simplify Workflows with Updox for Solution Series
Feb 23 2017 -
12:00pm to 1:00pm

Since 2008, Updox has had a simple goal of helping healthcare providers run their businesses by increasing revenues, improving efficiencies, and reducing costs. We’re now integrated with Solution Series and excited to introduce our time- and cost-saving solutions to you. Learn more.

Your care team no longer needs to spend hours each day playing phone tag and doing the same tasks over and over again. Let Updox free up valuable time to prioritize patient care and improve productivity. From a single window, with a single partner, Updox can help you: 

  • Reduce no-shows by as much as 30% and backfill appointment slots which saves the practice $12,500 per provider on an annual basis. 
  • Automate personalized messages sent by phone call, text or email for patients who have cancelled or no-showed to get them back on the calendar.
  • Alert patients or contacts to office closures or flu clinics and immunizations to drive revenue.
  • Thank patients and referral sources for their business and even drive them to complete online surveys for reputation management. 
  • Send educational content to patients to satisfy CMS requirements.
  • Streamline communications with providers and referrals sources with Updox Efax and document management features. Auto sort faxes by number, locations or department, and then allow staff to review, sign and edit faxes securely, anywhere with an internet connection.

With the Updox Universal Inbox, all communications arrive to one central location where it’s easy for one staff person to review, route and respond. Join us for a free webinar to learn more or get started today!